Toyota Riga Cycling Marathon 2020

Toyota Riga Cycling Marathon 2020 Regulations


  • To promote cycling among Riga residents.
  • To promote cycling as part of healthy and active lifestyle.
  • To continue Riga Cycling Marathon traditions.


Riga Cycling Marathon is organized by SIA “Igo Japiņa Sporta aģentūra”, association Latvian Mountain Bike Federation, association Latvian Cycling Federation in cooperation with the Sports Board of the Education, youth and sports department of Riga City Council.

Organizer’s address: Brīvības iela 222, Riga, LV-1039, tel.: 67314150 fax: 67312042, e-mail, website Questions about registration and applications are welcome at the e-mail address, tel. 67314150.

Head judge of the race is approved by Latvian Cycling federation.


3.1 Toyota Riga Cycling Marathon takes place on June 2, 2019.

3.2 Start and finish: 11. novembra krastmala.

3.3 Distances:

  • Sport ride - 4 laps x 16 km = 64 km
  • Public ride - 2 laps x 16 km = 32 km
  • Maxima Family ride - 1 lap x 16 km (not a competition, it’s allowed to participate individuals as well)
  • Children rides - 300 m - 2700 m (not a competition)

3.4 Start time:

  • 10:00 - Children rides
  • 11:15 – Sport ride 4 laps
  • 13:30 – Public ride 2 laps
  • 15:30 – Maxima Family ride 1 lap
    Starting times can be precised in Competition programme one week before the race.

3.5 Finish time:

  • 11:00 - Children rides
  • 12:40 – 12:55 Finish Sport ride 4 laps
  • 14:15 – 15:15 Finish Public ride 2 laps
  • 16:00 – 17:00 Finish Maxima Family ride 1 lap

3.6 Awarding:

  • 14:00 Awarding ceremony for Sport ride
  • 16:30 Awarding for Public ride and Maxima Family ride

  • 18:00 Streets are opened for traffic.


4.1 Children rides - each participant gets souvenir, not a competition

4.2 Sport ride 64 km – (only with road bicycles is allowed to participate.)

4.2.1 In order to participate in the Sport ride participants require the UCI elite, master or “Cycling for all’’ licence, according to age and skills (see
4.2.2 Sport distance has a time limit – first lap 30 min. In each following lap riders must not be 15 minutes behind the leader. To indicate participants exceeding the time limit, the judge will raise a red flag which means that the particular participant shall withdraw from the race. The place taken in the finish will be registered according to the sequence of withdrawal from the race.

4.2.3 Age Groups and Awarding

Sport distanceAge groupsYear of birthPlacePrizes
MenM2003 and before1.-3. placeMoney prizes
WomenW2001 and before1.-3. placeMoney prizes
Junior boysM-182002-20031. placePrize from sponsors
Masters IM-351976-19851. placePrize from sponsors
Masters IIM-451966-19751. placePrize from sponsors
Masters IIIM-551956-19651. placePrize from sponsors
Masters IVM-651955 and before1. placePrize from sponsors

4.2.4 Award ceremony attendance is mandatory. No prizes will be awarded if participants fail to attend the awarding.

4.2.5 Money prizes for sport distance:

1st place50 EUR1st place50 EUR
2nd place30 EUR2nd place30 EUR
3rd place20 EUR3rd place20 EUR

4.2.6 In accordance with LCF regulations, ir there are less than 6 women class participants, money prizes can be replaced by prizes.
4.2.7 Money prizes will be paid by transfer to the participants indicated account in term of one month after competition day but no later than the next stage. In case of doping control, money prize transfer can be withhold until the results of doping are known.

4.2.8 Teams and prizes

Teams may apply unlimited number of participants. Team’s score is calculated by summing the results of the best 4 team members. Teams have to register on website Each registered team is allowed to take 1 (one) technical assistance car on the track. The driver and mechanic require the LCF licence.

4.2.9 The best teams:
1. – 3. place - cup

4.3 Public distance 32 km

4.3.1 Age groups and prizes

Public distanceAge groupsYear of birthPlaceRemarks/prizes
MenTM2007 and before1.-3. placeRiga Mayor cup + prize
WomenTW2007 and before1.-3. placeRiga Mayor cup + prize
Junior girlsW-182002-20031. placePrize from sponsors
Young menM-162004- 20051. placePrize from sponsors
Young girlsW-162004-20051. placePrize from sponsors
BoysM-142006-20071. placePrize from sponsors
GirlsW-142006-20071. placePrize from sponsors

4.3.2 Award ceremony attendance is mandatory. No prizes will be awarded if participants fail to attend the awarding.

4.3.3 Participants who have been members of Latvian national teams in junior or elite groups or UCI continental team members in 2018-2020 are not allowed to participate in the Public ride.

4.3.4 In case if participant is catched by lap in safety purpose it can be directed off the main track or stoped.

4.3.5 Teams and prizes:
Unlimited number of participants is allowed. Team’s score is calculated by summing the results of the best 4 team members. Teams must be registered on .

4.3.6 The best teams:
1-st place – cup
2-nd place – cup
3-rd place – cup

4.4. Maxima Family distance - 16 km

No competition and scores. Anyone is welcome to participate individually or with children.
Children under the age of 7 are allowed to participate as passengers on the bicycle.

Children aged 7 to 9 years must be accompanied by an adult who have reached 18 years on the ride (according to the effective CSDD regulations)

Tandems are allowed to participate only in Family ride.

4.5. Special awards in Public ride

  • The most cohesive corporate team.
  • The oldest participants (a man and a woman).
  • The owner of the most exclusive bicycle (a man and a woman).

4.6. Special awards in Family ride

  • Maxima sympathy prize.
  • Most atractive participant.
  • Most consistent family.
  • Most creative participant.

Nominations will be evaluated by Toyota Riga Cycling Marathon judges. There may be more nominations.


5.1. Advance registration

  • Registration on starts on March 3 and ends on June 2 at 24:00 Latvian time.

5.2 Participation fees:

AgeYear of birth03.-15.0316.-29.0330.03-03.0504.-31.0501.-02.06
Sport distance
19 - 59 years1961-200115 EUR18 EUR21 EUR25 EUR27 EUR
17 - 18 years2002-200310 EUR12 EUR15 EUR18 EUR20 EUR
60 years and older1960 and before10 EUR12 EUR12 EUR15 EUR15 EUR
Public distance
19 - 59 years1961-200115 EUR18 EUR21 EUR25 EUR27 EUR
13 - 18 years2002-20077 EUR10 EUR12 EUR15 EUR20 EUR
60 years and older1960 and before7 EUR10 EUR10 EUR12 EUR15 EUR
LCF licence holders, 13 - 16 years2004-20077 EUR10 EUR10 EUR12 EUR15 EUR
Family ride
parents2003 and before5 EUR7 EUR7 EUR10 EUR12 EUR
Children aged 7 - 16 years2004-20133 EUR5 EUR5 EUR5 EUR5 EUR
Children rides
Children aged till 9 years2011 and youngerfreefreefree3 EUR3 EUR

5.3 For young athletes (born in 2004 – 2007) holding the LCF licence the participation fee is according to the price list, if list of participants is sent by their coaches to e-mail:

5.4 The participation fee includes the following service:

  • the participant’s number
  • time control microchip
  • a souvenir for each participant who completes the distance,
  • registration of results and sending them to the participant’s mobile telephone,
  • refreshing spots throughout the distance,
  • food and drinks after the finish,
  • a track closed for traffic in Riga city (see the track map)
  • emergency medical service in the distance and at the start/finish
  • storage of belongings
  • pictures and video after the competition (
  • referees
  • prizes as mentioned in Regulation.

5.5 If a participant fails to attend the competition, the participation fee will not be refunded or transferred to other races or other participants.

5.6 Companies and teams may receive the invoice by registering on website . The invoice must be paid in term mentioned on it.

5.7. Re-registration
Participant may be changed till the 3rd of May for free, from 4th of May till 2nd of June for additional re-registration fee 10 EUR. Changes must be sent to e-mail: .


6.1. There is a common start for Sport distance with no specific start order or corridors.

6.2 In the Public ride, the participants line up in starting corridors of 200 riders at the starting line according to their numbers assigned. The numbers are assigned according to the places taken in Toyota Riga Velomarathon 2019, for the remaining participants - according to the registration date.

6.3 It is participants responsibility to follow up by its start position in Start list on website and be sure about its compliance with last years results.

6.4 Participants of the Maxima Family ride line up in free order by their choice without any specific regulation.

7. Bib Numbers

7.1 Issue of bib numbers

5th – 6th of June - at the Expo centre.

On competition day, June 7, from 8:30 till the last start at the Registration tent of the race at competition center on 11. novembra krastmala.

7.2 Use of bib numbers:

The time of Elektrum Public ride participants is registered electronically. The riders will receive 2 numbers with microchip *. The hard number must be fixed to the middle of the bike handle-bar. The label must be attached under the seat (see picture)

  • The participants of Sport ride will receive 3 numbers. One must be fixed to back of the participant’s shirt in the middle and the other number must be fixed sideways to the left side. The label must be attached under the seat.
  • Damaging the number or removing the chip attached to the back of the number and to the middle of the label is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants have to pay a fine in the amount of 5 EUR for failure to handle the bib number with care or losing it.
  • Transfer of the bib number to other person will result in disqualification.
  • The bib number assigned for Family ride must be fixed to the bike handle-bar.

*There is a chip attached to the back of your number to register your time. Removing the chip is strictly prohibited!


8.1. Participants are required to wear an approved bike helmet! Any athlete riding without a helmet or chinstrap not fastened will be disqualified.

8.2. Bicycles without brakes are not allowed to participate in the race.

8.3. Tandem bicycles are allowed to participate in Maxima Family ride only.

8.4. Bicycles with sidecars are allowed to participate in Family ride only.

8.5. Bicycles registered for individual ride are not allowed to participate in any of the distances.

8.6. Participants’ results are registered electronically, manually and with a video camera for additional control.

8.7. If a participant crosses the finish line repeatedly (ride over the finish line repeatedly after completing the distance), the time and place of the last crossing is registered and relevant place.

8.8. Unauthorized change of the starting corridors will result in the participant’s disqualification or moving the participant down by 200 places from the previously assigned starting corridor.

8.9. Crossing the finish line in the opposite direction will result in penalty – disqualification.

8.10. Unauthorized shortening of the distance will result in disqualification.

8.11. Participants are recommended to take a bicycle pump, spare inner tube, bottle with water and a mobile telephone and other things necessary for the participant.

8.12. Doping control and check of technical condition of bicycles may be conducted during the competition.

8.13. Any participant who believes to have been restricted by any action during the race has the right to submit a complaint to the head judge. Complaint must be submitted in writing with signature.

8.14. Judge panel with the organizers have the right to decide issues not stipulated in the competition regulations and amend the regulations without giving a prior notice to the participants.

8.15. The organizers are not responsible for participant’s failure to know and follow the rules.

8.16. The organizers are not responsible for any children taking part in the distance without registration and who have not reached the age specified in the regulations.

8.17. The organizers are not responsible for possible injuries of the participants during the race, before or after the race or health problems whatsoever, therefore the participants are recommended to have a health insurance.

8.18. Upon registration for the race, the participants acknowledge with their signature that they take full responsibility for their health and fitness to complete the selected distance and that they will obey and observe traffic rules and the competition regulations.

8.19. Upon registration for the competition, the participants give their consent to the use of any photos and videos and audio taken during the competition for marketing and advertising purposes.

8.20. Posting an unauthorized advertising will result in fine in the amount of 300 EUR.

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