Toyota Riga Cycling Marathon 2021

About Competition

The tradition of the mass participation cycling event in Riga dates back to 1983. This ride is very popular among local residents of Riga and it gathers nearly 4000 participants.

Over the years there have been different routes and distances. Today we are proud that the start and end point of the ride is in the very heart of Riga, near Riga Caste which is the official residence of the President of Latvia.

The 16 kilometers long lap is completely closed for traffic. Only cyclists rule the city streets on the day of Riga Marathons. The route itself runs along both banks of the largest river of Latvia – Daugava and participants have to cross two beautiful bridges as well.

Participants may choose the best distance depending on their skills and fitness. The longest distance is suited to professional athletes and well-trained amateurs. Shorter distances are perfect for beginners and older people. Family rides are increasingly popular among parents and children. Families have an opportunity to complete the 16 kilometers long lap which is completely closed for traffic. All information is available on our website under section - Marathon rules.

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